Chris Armas on Coaching

Chris Armas on Coaching

Coaching has become a big part former Major League Soccer player Chris Armas's life. Watch this to see what his techniques are.

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Get Abs Like Usher

What does it take to build a body like Usher? The singer stretches for 10 minutes before and after every workout and uses a combination of Pilates, yoga and massage to loosen up for dance moves. But that's not all. Watch this for Usher's ab workout!

David Beckham's Workout

How did David Beckham become one of the fittest men in the world? With a high-intensity interval workout developed by Chris Neville, fitness coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy. Watch this to learn David Beckham's exercise routine.

Zac Efron's Muscle Workout

Zac Efron has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. And it's not because of genetics. Efron is naturally thin with low body fat so to build muscle mass, he has to follow specific diet and fitness rules. Watch this for Efron's best training tips.

Ryan Kwanten Workout

Before Ryan Kwanten joined the cast of HBO's True Blood, he had a stint as a professional triathlete. Since he still trains like a competitive athlete, he has the lean, muscular look that Hollywood loves. Watch this for Kwanten's best fitness tips.

Bradley Cooper's Workout

When Bradley Cooper had to get shredded fast for his role in The A-Team, trainer Ramona Braganza knew exactly what he had to do. Cooper's workouts combined cardio, strength training and core exercises with a method Braganza refers to as "3-2-1."

Get Jessica Biel's Body

It's true that hiking and walking her dogs play a role in Biel's active lifestyle, but the actress also puts in three to five days a week at the gym. Watch this video to learn which exercises get the actress that perfectly toned body of hers.

Kim Kardashian's Exercise

Kim Kardashian is famous for her round, sculpted butt. That's why she makes sure her workout includes exercises to keep her butt firm. Watch this video to find out how the reality star burns fat without losing her greatest asset.

Build a Body like Ryan Phillipe

Ryan Phillipe's workout is usually a blend of cardio work with heavy weights and plyometrics for a total-body challenge. This video explains the benefits of plyometric training and how to do an exercise from Phillipe's workout.

How to Get Abs Like Fergie

Fergie sometimes spends 2 hours at the gym burning belly fat and training her abs. But you can build abs like Fergie in just two 10- minute workouts per week. Watch this video to learn the three exercises that keep the singer's tummy tight.

Taylor Lautner's Six Pack

Taylor Lautner packed on 30 pounds of lean muscle and chiseled a 6-pack in one year to play a werewolf in Twilight. In this video, we reveal the two things that trainer Jordan Yuam says you have to do if you want abs like Taylor Lautner.

Kate Hudson's Workout

Kate Hudson works out five or six days a week, and she's constantly changing her routine to target the different muscle groups. Watch this video to learn how kickboxing, pilates, weight-training and yoga help Hudson stay slim and toned.

Ashley Greene's Workout

Twilight star Ashley Greene builds muscle mass easily, so to avoid bulking up, her weight-training plan is designed to build slender, toned muscles. Watch this video to find out how cardio workouts and Kettlebells help Green stay in shape.

Megan Fox's Workout

Megan Fox has said that her personal trainer basically has to force her to work out, which is why her fitness plan is rather simple and very effective. Watch this video to see how bodyweight intervals and low-intensity cardio keep Fox in shape.

Ryan Reynolds' 6 Pack Rules

Actor Ryan Reynolds cut his body fat from 11 percent to 3 percent to play a vampire in Blade Trinity. Working out definitely helped Reynolds uncover his 6-pack, but the most important factor was nutrition. Watch this to learn more!

Signs of a Bad Diet

If a diet or product sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Nothing can magically burn fat or transform your body in a matter of weeks. If you want to lose weight without risking your health, find out how to spot the red flags of a bad fad diet.

Kim Kardashian's Quick Trim Diet

Kim Kardashian's Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse 14-Day Diet is a concoction of powerful stimulants, laxatives, and diuretics, or as they call them, supplements that detox the body and reduce cellulite. Watch this for the real deal on Kardashian's diet.

How Katy Perry Makes Fitness Fun

Katy Perry jumps around a lot on stage, but her performance hardly compares to her fitness routine. The singer jump ropes to burn a ton of calories. Watch this video to find out how you can learn the movements and build up endurance.

Kellan Lutz Workout Secrets

Actor Kellan Lutz is in great shape, despite saying that he hates running and that he gets extremely bored at the gym. Watch this to find out Lutz's best workout secrets and how he earned the title of the "best summer body of 2010."