Dealing with Diapers

Dealing with Diapers

Sure, changing a diaper is dirty work, but because it will be a frequent chore you'll get the hang of it quickly. Remember to wash your hands before and after, check your baby for diaper rash, and make sure that the diaper is firmly in place.

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Burping, Bathing and Bathroom Basics

After pregnancy, get ready for newborn baby care! Feeding, burping, and diaper duty go on non-stop - and baby bath time seems to be an invitation for your little boy to pee all over you! This video has some newborn care tips to help you make it through!

Tips for New Moms

If you've just welcomed a new arrival, you may feel overwhelmed. Check out this sanity-saving advice.

Can Teething Cause a High Temperature?

Teeth are important, but getting them isn't an easy process. It's been held that teething can cause a high fever, but is this really the case?

Baby Schedules

After your baby reaches about four months of age, you may consider creating a routine to provide more structure to the day. Learn how you can "reprogram" your newborn's internal clock with these infant schedule tips and tricks.

Baby Bathing

Bathing babies isn't as easy as it seems! When it's bath time, gather your baby shampoo and baby soap, fill the tub with bath water and get ready for your first baby bath!

Baby Skin Care

Every baby has delicate skin, and you may need to utilize sunscreen, baby lotion, skin oil and even baby detergent (like Dreft) to ensure his soft skin stays that way!

Breast Pumps and Baby Bonding

The most common reason to pump is to ensure your baby has breastmilk while you're away. Also, you can let your partner feed the baby with a bottle of pumped breastmilk.

Baby Pacifiers

Your baby is cranky, fussy, and grumpy. You know a pacifier will soothe her, but worry that giving her a binky is a bad idea. Is it OK to comfort a fussy baby with pacifiers?

How Many Hours of Sleep Does Baby Need?

All babies need plenty of sleep hours, but how much sleep is enough? What sleep habits should you expect from a newborn, and from an older infant?

Understanding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome is the biggest cause of infant death in the U.S. But SIDS statistics aside, why does this condition occur? And how can you prevent sudden infant death?

Baby Head Injuries

A baby's head is surprisingly hard, but a bump can still cause a concussion, skull fracture, or other injuries. If your baby hurts their head you should stay calm and carefully assess the wound and their behavior for signs of a serious problem.

When to Call The Pediatrician

Is your baby sick, or are his symptoms perfectly normal? Sometimes, it's hard to know whether your newborn needs help or just needs a clean diaper. Here are some of the most common ailments that may or may not require your baby's doctor.

Infant Vitamins

You may be breastfeeding, or feeding your infant formula, but whatever your child's liquid diet, it's important to know that some babies need vitamin supplements. Here are the A, B, C's of keeping your infant's vitamins and health on track!"

Burping a Baby

A gassy baby is nothing to be worried about, but knowing how to burp your baby is important to ease discomfort in a newborn. There are a few burping methods that you can try when your child is suffering from gassiness.

How to Soothe Your Baby

Your little one can't talk yet, so he'll communicate with you the only way he can, by crying! While you won't always know what's wrong, as you start to discern hunger cries from calls for attention, you'll be better able to soothe your baby.

Baby Teething

Babies can be quite a handful when their first teeth start sprouting out. Learn about baby teething and its associated symptoms in this video.

Diaper Rash Treatment

While taking great care of your baby can reduce the likelihood that they get a diaper rash, almost all babies will still get one eventually. Fortunately, treatment is easy, and most babies will get better in a couple of days.

Baby Tooth Care

Whether your baby was born with teeth or whether he's been teething for a few months, it's as important to know how to care for his new chompers as it is to be able to provide pain and fever relief.