Diabetic Diets

Diabetic Diets

Twenty million Americans have diabetes, and diet plays a key role in controlling the disease. Feeling overwhelmed with all the options? Check out this video!

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Diagnosing Diabetes

Six percent of the population has diabetes, and each of them receive the life-altering news in a physician's office. Here's what you can expect on that first visit.

Diabetes & Your Teeth

If you're one of the 23.6 million Americans with diabetes, you know that taking care of your body is extra important. And that goes for your mouth as well. Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you're at a higher risk of dental problems.

Exercise & Diabetes: Staying Safe

You can exercise with diabetes, you just need to watch your blood sugar level closely. Learn how to exercise with diabetes safely in this video!

The Glycemic Index

How do you use the Glycemic Index? Watch this to find out how.

Exercising with Diabetes: First Steps

Working out becomes more complicated when you have diabetes. Watch to learn more.

Understanding Your A1C

Your A1C level is important to keep track of when you have diabetes. Learn all about your A1C level by watching this video.

What is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemics get low blood sugar. Find out more!

Your Diabetes Diet and Your Family

Diet and family are important in your life AND in your diabetes treatment. Learn more about your diabetes diet and your family by watching this video.

Beware These Blood Sugar Boosters

How can you avoid high blood sugar? Watch to learn more.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

People with diabetes often develop gum disease. Find out how diabetes and gum disease are connected in this video.

HIV Treatment and Diabetes

With HIV, you may be at risk for diabetes. Watch this video to find out more about HIV treatment and diabetes.

High and Low Glycemic Index Foods

Kickstart your healthy diet by eating a bix of low and medium Glycemic Index foods! Get advice on which are which.

What Is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index can help you manage your diet in addition to your carb counting. Watch this video to learn more.

College Weight Gain and Blood Sugar

Find out how people with type 1 diabetes can maintain their weight in college, safely! Watch to learn more.

Diabetes At-Home Monitoring

Taking time to monitor your glucose levels at home is important in diabetes management. Learn all the ins and outs of at home monitoring in this video.

How to Handle Low Blood Sugar

How is hypoglycemia treated? Watch to learn.

Diabetes and Depression

What's the relationship between diabetes and depression? Learn more.

Causes of Hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar occurs for a variety of reasons in diabetics. Watch this!