Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy

When you're pregnant, the last thing on your mind is your oral health. But focusing on your oral health during pregnancy, will ensure better oral - and overall - health for both you and your baby. Watch this for a few dental care tips!

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Osteoporosis And Your Teeth

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that reduces the strength of your bones and your dentists may actually be the first to detect it. Check out this video to learn how dentists know you have osteoporosis and what you can do to prevent the disease.

Dental Implant Complications

If properly placed, dental implants can be great. But even when they're done right, there's still room for complications to arise. Watch this video to learn more about dental implant complications.

Bone Loss Around Implants

Sometimes dental implants can contribute to bone loss. Check out this video to learn all the facts on bone loss around implants.

Gum Problems Around Implants

Dental implants can really put the pearly white back in your smile but sometimes they can cause unsightly gum problems. Watch this video to learn more about gum problems around implants.

Cosmetic Problems with Implants

While dental implants should improve the aesthetic of your smile, they sometimes cause cosmetic problems. Watch this video to learn about tooth cosmetic problems around implants.

Preventing Implant Complications

Getting dental implants should be as smooth a process as possible so it's important to take steps to avoid complications. Watch this video to learn more about preventing implant complications.

How to Fill a Gap Between Your Front Teeth

While front tooth gaps seem like only a cosmetic problem, they can be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Check out this video to learn more about the gap between your front teeth.

Best Way to Use Mouthwash

Brushing and flossing are important but mouthwash also helps keep your mouth bacteria and infection free. Watch this video to learn the best way to use mouthwash.

Periodontal Disease And Bone Loss

Gum disease--also know as periodontal disease--can wreak havoc on your mouth, causing gum irritation, swelling and even bone loss. Watch this video to learn how periodontal disease and bone loss are related.

Bridges vs Implants

Bridges and implants are used to fill the gap left by missing teeth. Watch this video to learn the difference between bridges and implants and which one best suits your needs.

5 Ways You Damage Your Teeth

Proper oral care takes time, patience and a little bit of know-how. But even if you think you've got your routine down pat, you might still be making mistakes in your oral care. Check out this video to learn 5 ways you might be damaging your teeth.

Dentures and Bridges

Tooth loss among adults is not uncommon but those gaps can be easily filled with dentures or bridges. Check out this video to learn about the different types of dentures and bridges.

Bad Breath Remedies

Can't tell if your morning cup has left you with coffee breath? Or if those garlic knots you had for lunch are lingering? How can you tell if you have bad breath? Watch this to find out!

Grills, Gold, Diamonds, Accessories

Not everyone is born with sparkling teeth like Kanye West. Not even Kanye. He took his rapping riches and bought himself a shiny set. Watch this to learn if what he and others are flashing around can be dangerous to their oral health.

Eating Disorders & Your Teeth

With our image-driven culture, it's no surprise that more than 8 million Americans have an eating disorder. But it may be surprising to know that while they're fussing over their figures, they couldn't care lass about their teeth.

Oral Piercings and Your Teeth

You've probably heard it from your mom: Pierce your tongue and it'll fall off - won't. But oral piercings do cause dental problems.

Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis can start from an early age. The initial signs are quite minimal, but they may result in white speckled teeth. Find out more about this here.

Toothbrush Types

Do you go for soft or medium bristles? Round or square head? Angled or straight. Electric or manual? It's tempting to just grab your favorite color and run to the register. But NOT SO FAST - all toothbrushes are not created equal. Find out why!