Post-Partum Weight Loss

Post-Partum Weight Loss

So you've had your baby and now you're ready to lose that baby weight. Don't rush it though - postparum weight loss needs to be done safely. Here's one tip from this video: breastfeeding can burn 500 calories a day!

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Female Anatomy Changes Post-Partum

Your nipples are leaking. You can feel your uterus with your fingers. What's going on and when can you expect it to stop!

Your Post-Partum Sex Life

You will have to wait awhile to get back on the sex bandwagon. It might not feel like much of a wait though - sex may just be the furthest thing from either of your minds!

Your Post-Partum Body

OK, the baby is here, pregnancy is FINALLY over, now what the heck is going on with your body?

Stretch Marks

During pregnancy your belly will stretch - and so will your skin. If you want to prevent stretch marks or make them fade away post-partum, then watch this pregnancy video.

Tips for New Moms

If you've just welcomed a new arrival, you may feel overwhelmed. Check out this sanity-saving advice.

Babysitter Basics

At some point, you'll need to leave your infant with another caretaker. But what kind of babysitting services work best for you and your newborn? Learn about using a nanny, a babysitter, home childcare and more!

Post-Partum Depression

If you've just had a baby and you're feeling less than ecstatic, you need to know that you're not alone. Millions of women experience postpartum depression!

After Pregnancy Sex

Sex post-baby is a sensitive and confusing topic. After how many weeks are you allowed to have sex? Is the vagina forever changed? Do we even have the desire? Clarify the myths, questions and concerns with this video.

Dad's Sex Dilemma: Witnessing Delivery

Childbirth is a beautiful event to witness, but the experience is sometimes traumatizing to men. Whether it's the anxiety or the blood, some new dads actually experience a loss of sex drive. Learn about how to solve this intimacy problem.

Baby Health Insurance

Whether you have a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section, your health care costs will rise from the moment your infant arrives. Luckily, baby health care (every check up and vaccine) can be covered by health insurance if you know how to obtain it.

Dad's Third Wheel Syndrome

Stay-at-home dads find themselves sparking friendships with other mothers while his own partner is at work, leading to a wife's concerns of emotional infidelity. Learn about other issues a dad's presence at home may create, and how to resolve them.

Postpartum Self Esteem and Libido

A new mother is preoccupied with breastfeeding, changing diapers and comforting a crying baby. Her sexy self-esteem and sexual desire sometimes plummets. Watch this video to learn about the reasons and solutions.

Getting Busy After Baby

After giving birth, you may just want to use your bedroom for snatching sleep! Here's what to expect when you are done expecting.

The Truth About Childbirth and Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Some women will do whatever they can to reduce risk of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse; including opting for a c-section over vaginal childbirth. Find out why cesareans have nearly doubled since the mid-90s and why that may be bad news.

Preparing Children for a New Baby

When you bring a newborn home, your older child may experience sibling rivalry. You might see temper tantrums and regression-or, your toddler could bypass older sibling syndrome! Learn how to help him accept the baby brother or sister.

Preparing Your Child For a New Sibling

Preparing your firstborn to welcome a new baby can be hard. Talking to him about his baby brother or sister, showering him with affection, and reminding him how important he is to the family will help cultivate a positive sibling relationship.

Preparing Your Dog or Cat for a New Baby

When you bring a newborn into your home, you'll need to prepare your family pet for the infant's arrival. From noise desensitation to smell introduction, here are the pet training tools you need to encourage harmony between baby and pet.

Childcare Choices for Your Baby

Even before your newborn arrives, you'll have childcare on your mind. You might consider family child care, child day care, or even being a stay at home parent. To find the infant care that works for your baby, start with this video.