Preparing to Conceive a Baby

Preparing to Conceive a Baby

If you've decided to have a child, you'll want to take the very best care of him or her...even if you haven't conceived yet! Here are some tips on how to get ready to do just that.

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Pregnant and Unaware

Many women are aware of their pregnancies early but for some women, pregnancy signs and symptoms can go completely unnoticed. Watch this video to learn how and why this happens.

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Whether you want a baby, or you aren't ready to be pregnant, waiting for the early signs of pregnancy can be stressful. This video will show you what pregnancy symptoms to look for, and may help you to answer the question, 'Am I Pregnant?'

Sex and Selecting Your Baby's Gender

Can you choose the gender of your baby? Does when, where, and how you have sex have anything to do with whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Getting pregnant may never be the same after you watch this pregnancy video!

When Can You Get Pregnant?

Believe it or not, you can ONLY conceive during your small fertile window, which occurs during each cycle, on the five days before, and the actual day of, ovulation.

The Best Sex for Conception

There's no reason that you can't enjoy great sex - even when you're suffering from joint pain! Here are the best positions for sex with sore joints.

How Pregnancy Tests Work

Before taking a pregnancy test, it is a good idea to understand how pregnancy tests work. Most tests measure the hcg levels in your urine, and can give a false negative if you test too early, or a false positive if you've been taking fertility drugs.

Cigarettes and Pregnancy

4,000 chemicals spell serious stress for your baby. Watch this to understand why smoking during pregnancy is a bad idea.

Natural Fertility Boosters

If you're ready to expand your family, you may need a little help (outside of the bedroom, of course!) Here are some fertility-enhancing tips.

Age and Fertility

It doesn't seem fair, but it's true: Having a baby just gets harder as a woman gets older. Here's why.

Calculating Your Due Date

Now that you're pregnant, you probably want to know when your baby will arrive. This due date calculator video will explain how to calculate when to expect your birth - but don't be surprised if your little one has their own schedule!

Fertility Boosters

One in five couples will have a difficult time getting pregnant. Often, some healthy lifestyle adjustments can help ensure that you conceive with no trouble!

Ovulation and your Conception Chances by Day

Your chance of getting pregnant changes dramatically depending on when it is in your ovulation cycle. This video will show you how likely you are to get pregnant on any particular day of the month - whether you're trying to conceive or hoping you don't!

Boost Fertility Naturally

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and you're not sure about prescription infertility solutions like Clomid, then you might want to learn about a natural remedy for infertility that can improve your chances of pregnancy!

Understanding Clomid

If you're having trouble conceiving, you should probably know about Clomid, a prescription pill also called clomiphene.

Facts on the Fertility Shot

Need a boost in fertility? Imagine getting a few shots and then producing a beautiful baby. It's not that simple, but it's very helpful for many couples.

Ovulation Calendar

Keeping track of your ovulation cycle can help you conceive and bring that bundle of joy into this world. Watch our video to find out more about the ovulation calendar in detail.

Artificial Insemination

The procedure may be 'artificial,' but there's nothing that's fake about the baby that often results from artificial insemination!

Male Infertility

Generally when a couple struggles with infertility, only one of the partners has difficulties that could lead to the condition. Here, we'll look at common causes of male infertility.