Hair Care During Pregnancy

Hair Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can certainly be a 'hair raising' experience. But when you go to the salon, what's safe and what isn't?

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Sex and Selecting Your Baby's Gender

Can you choose the gender of your baby? Does when, where, and how you have sex have anything to do with whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Getting pregnant may never be the same after you watch this pregnancy video!

The Best Sex for Conception

There's no reason that you can't enjoy great sex - even when you're suffering from joint pain! Here are the best positions for sex with sore joints.

Your Post-Partum Sex Life

You will have to wait awhile to get back on the sex bandwagon. It might not feel like much of a wait though - sex may just be the furthest thing from either of your minds!

Sex during Pregnancy

What's more fun than making a baby? Here, the most effective ways to go about it.

Pregnancy Sex Facts

You've succeeded in conceiving a baby. Does that mean the sex stops for 9 months? Don't stop getting intimate with your partner. Watch this video to dispel pregnancy sex myths you may have heard. Then, head to the bedroom!

Exercise and Pregnancy: The Basics

Pregnancy doesn't give you license to lounge on the couch all day! Getting up and getting moving (with a doctor's approval, of course) will help ensure your healthiest baby.

Emotions and Pregnancy

Are you giggling one moment and sobbing the next? Welcome to pregnancy! Let's look at what you can expect emotionally during this time.

Can You Tell The Sex Of A Baby By How Mom-To-Be Is Carrying?

If you've ever been pregnant, someone has pointed at your belly and exclaimed, 'Ahhh, it's a boy!' or 'Ooohh, it's a girl!' Are they bonkers or actually onto something?

Travel During Pregnancy

It's great that you and your baby bump are going on a big adventure, but you should know what destinations are safe during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks

During pregnancy your belly will stretch - and so will your skin. If you want to prevent stretch marks or make them fade away post-partum, then watch this pregnancy video.

Prenatal Yoga

Any guesses what the most popular athletic activity during pregnancy is? YOGA! So get started with this video!

Pregnancy Sex: Know Your Limits

Whoa there, cowgirl! Now may not be the best time to let him do that. There are a few things that might not be a good fit with your pregnant sex life.

Conception Sex: Fact or Fiction

Do orgasms increase the chances of conceiving a baby? Can your sex position determine the gender of a child? Do you have a more fertile body type? Find out the truth behind the questions and myths before you start having conception sex.

Safe Sleep During Pregnancy

If your biggest pregnancy craving is sleep, we've got tips to make your nap time safer for you and your little one.

In-Flight Safety with Baby

Your little passenger is used to riding around, so it's usually OK to fly during pregnancy. Here's how to make the experience comfortable for both of you!

After Pregnancy Sex

Sex post-baby is a sensitive and confusing topic. After how many weeks are you allowed to have sex? Is the vagina forever changed? Do we even have the desire? Clarify the myths, questions and concerns with this video.

Pregnant Work Life

Don't fear the fax machine! Most common workplace activities are perfectly safe during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleep Aids

Can't sleep? Read this before popping a pill to get your pregnant Zzzzs.



Stretch Marks


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Pregnancy and the Spa


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