The Best Sex for Conception

The Best Sex for Conception

There's no reason that you can't enjoy great sex - even when you're suffering from joint pain! Here are the best positions for sex with sore joints.

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Sex and Selecting Your Baby's Gender

Can you choose the gender of your baby? Does when, where, and how you have sex have anything to do with whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Getting pregnant may never be the same after you watch this pregnancy video!

When Can You Get Pregnant?

Believe it or not, you can ONLY conceive during your small fertile window, which occurs during each cycle, on the five days before, and the actual day of, ovulation.

Preparing to Conceive a Baby

If you've decided to have a child, you'll want to take the very best care of him or her...even if you haven't conceived yet! Here are some tips on how to get ready to do just that.

Natural Fertility Boosters

If you're ready to expand your family, you may need a little help (outside of the bedroom, of course!) Here are some fertility-enhancing tips.

Fertility Boosters

One in five couples will have a difficult time getting pregnant. Often, some healthy lifestyle adjustments can help ensure that you conceive with no trouble!

Ovulation and your Conception Chances by Day

Your chance of getting pregnant changes dramatically depending on when it is in your ovulation cycle. This video will show you how likely you are to get pregnant on any particular day of the month - whether you're trying to conceive or hoping you don't!

Boost Fertility Naturally

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and you're not sure about prescription infertility solutions like Clomid, then you might want to learn about a natural remedy for infertility that can improve your chances of pregnancy!

Relax to Get Pregnant (Health Short)

Just relax to get pregnant? Could it really be that easy? The truth is that your fertility suffers when you are stressed, so if you are trying to get pregnant a little bit of relaxation can help fend off infertility and speed your path to pregnancy.

Female Infertility

When a couple has trouble making a baby together, both partners feel devastated. In this video, we'll look at common causes of female infertility.

Infertility Solutions

Infertility is incredibly challenging for the couples who struggle with it! Luckily, modern medicine offers many options for aiding in pregnancy.

Your Guide to Super Sperm

Your little swimmers are already stellar. But if you're ready to conceive, you may want to beef them up to Olympian status with some simple lifestyle changes.

Conception Sex: Fact or Fiction

Do orgasms increase the chances of conceiving a baby? Can your sex position determine the gender of a child? Do you have a more fertile body type? Find out the truth behind the questions and myths before you start having conception sex.

Science and Selecting Your Baby's Gender

Did you ever wish that you could choose your baby's gender? With new fertility treatments, you can choose to conceive a baby boy or a little girl. This video shows the role science can play in your conception.

Can Standing On Your Head After Sex Make You Pregnant?

Doing headstands is good for circulation, but does that mean that it's also good for conception?

The Facts on Miscarriages

Losing a baby is devastating, but it does happen. Here, we look at various reasons that a mother may be unable to carry to term.

Conception Sex Challenges for Men

Men are always up for having sex, right? Wrong! Watch this video to learn about low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and more challenges that might prevent conception for couples seeking to have children.

Conception Sex Challenges for Women

Women may experience some unexpected obstacles to conceiving a child. Whether it's low sexual desire or trouble reaching orgasm, learn about the causes and how to start out on the path to conception.

Understanding Endometriosis

One of the most common health problems among women, endometriosis can lead to infertility-but what is endometriosis and why do some women get it?