Vaginal Delivery

Vaginal Delivery

Decided that you want your baby to travel through the birth canal to meet you? Two-thirds of mothers make the same choice!

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Perineal Healing

During child birth, you may tear your perineum or the area between your vagina and anus. Watch this video to learn what the healing process is like and how to ease discomfort.

Cesarean Section After-Care

Proper care and adequate healing time is necessary after having a C-section. Watch this video to learn all about cesarean section after care.

Post-Partum Constipation

As a new mom, you may experience post-partum constipation which can be incovenient and uncomfortable. Watch this video to learn more about post-partum constipation and how to ease the discomfort.

Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins is no easy task! Watch this video to learn the best ways to breastfeed effectively.


Hypnobirth is a bithing technique that is used to ease the stress of labor and delivery. Check out this video to learn more about it.

Orgasmic Delivery

Delivering your baby doesn't have to be a terribly painful experience--or so say some moms who report having orgasms during delivery. Watch this video to learn more about orgasmic delivery.

Placenta Pills

Celebs and experts alike claim that placenta pills can boost post-partum health and beauty. Watch this video to get the facts on placenta pills.

Cesarean Section Delivery

Thirty percent of babies born in the United States arrive via cesarean section. Here, we'll explore what you can expect during a c-section.

Burping, Bathing and Bathroom Basics

After pregnancy, get ready for newborn baby care! Feeding, burping, and diaper duty go on non-stop - and baby bath time seems to be an invitation for your little boy to pee all over you! This video has some newborn care tips to help you make it through!

Female Anatomy Changes Post-Partum

Your nipples are leaking. You can feel your uterus with your fingers. What's going on and when can you expect it to stop!

Understanding Cord Blood

During pregnancy, you'll need to decide what you want to do with your baby's cord blood. So what exactly is cord blood?

Your Post-Partum Sex Life

You will have to wait awhile to get back on the sex bandwagon. It might not feel like much of a wait though - sex may just be the furthest thing from either of your minds!

Calculating Your Due Date

Now that you're pregnant, you probably want to know when your baby will arrive. This due date calculator video will explain how to calculate when to expect your birth - but don't be surprised if your little one has their own schedule!

Delivery Problems with Baby

Unfortunately, not every delivery goes smoothly. It can help to understand the most common problems that babies experience during labor, and how doctors typically respond.

Everything Epidurals

If you want a way to reduce the pain of labor, delivery, and childbirth, an epidural may be just what you're looking for. You may also want to learn about painkillers, lamaze, or natural childbirth, but this pregnancy video has the scoop on epidurals!

How is Labor Induced?

If your baby needs some encouragement to speed along the delivery, here are some of the ways that doctors commonly induce labor.

Delivery and a Midwife

Don't want your delivery to be with a traditional doctor? You might want to consider an ancient alternative: The midwife.

Multiple Births

If you're expecting twins or triplets, it is important that you eat healthy and regularly visit your doctor. View this video for information on multiple births.





Cesarean Section Delivery (Delivery #2)

Cesarean Section Delivery


Everything Epidurals

Everything Epidurals


Handling the Hospital Post-Birth