What is Clomid?

What is Clomid?

Clomid may help you get pregnant, but you're not sure how it works. Learn more about this pill and how it can increase your chances of fertility. Watch this video!

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Best Sex Position for Conception

Reverse cowgirl? Girl-on-top? Find out the best sex position for conceiving. The answer may surprise you!

Laparotomies and Laparoscopies

They sound similar, but laparotomies and laparoscopies perform different functions in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. Watch this quick tip to find out what they each entail.

Tips for Conception in the Bedroom

Certain positions will help sperm fertilize a woman's egg, while others prevent sperm from reaching it at all. Want to know the difference? Watch this quick tip!

Clomid for Men

Both men and women can take Clomid to boost their chances of conceiving a baby. Watch this quick tip to get more information about what types of male infertility it treats.

Hysterectomies to Treat Endometriosis

When endometriosis becomes severe, a doctor may turn to hysterectomy as a last resort. The condition will never return, but neither will a woman's fertility. Watch this to get the details.

Getting the Fertility Shot

If Clomid doesn't work, women cause receive injections to boost their fertility. Find out exactly what the treatment entails! Watch the quick tip.

Early Pregnancy Signs

For some women, pregnancy symptoms are apparent even before a missed period! Watch this quick tip to learn what changes your body is already going through.

Conception: When to Have Sex?

If you're trying to get pregnant, you should pay close attention to your menstrual cycle-- you're more fertile on some days, not so much on others. Want the details? Watch this!

Pregnancy Risks Over 40

Getting pregnant is harder at 40 than it is at 30. And when an older woman does conceive, her offspring has a higher risk of birth defects. Get the sobering details in this quick tip.

What is In-Vitro Fertilization?

You've heard of women getting pregnant via in-vitro fertilization, but do you know what this treatment actually entails? Watch this quick tip to find out.

Pregnancy Tests: False Positives

While false positive pregnancy tests do happen once in awhile, they are rare, so if you're trying to have a baby, congratulations on that plus sign! Watch this quick tip to learn more.

Pregnancy Tests: False Negatives

False negative pregnancy tests are more common than false positives. Want to know why? Watch this quick tip.

Figuring Your Fertile Days

Despite years of having a period, many women are hazy on the details of a menstrual cycle. Watch this quick tip to learn when you're most fertile!

Determining Ovulation via Cervical Mucus

One way to determine whether or not you're ovulating is to take a look at your cervical mucus. Watch this quick tip to find out what you should be looking for.

Tips for Optimal Sperm

Women trying to get pregnant have to take prenatal vitamins and avoid alcohol and smoking, but men have to change up their lifestyle a bit too! Find out how to produce "super sperm."

Depo Provera

Hormonal treatments are a popular way of treating endometriosis. Watch this quick to learn about Depo Provera and Danazol.

Preconception Preparation

Having sex during ovulation is only the obvious way you can to boost your chances of conceiving. Find out how exercise will help move things along!

Stress and Fertility

Anxious over whether or not you will conceive a baby? Calm down! Your stress is making it more unlikely! Find out why in this quick tip.